I have been researching my practice since 2008 when I was introduced to Living Theory. In 2008 I worked as a Young Carers Manager, between 2009-2018 I worked as CEO at a Carers' Centre and now work as a digital nomad supporting charities with their development.



How does my lived experience, from being ‘a child in care’ to being a leader of a carers’ charity, sustain the hope that I can be the change I want to see in the world?


I was brought up in foster care from the age of 3 1/2. I have been researching my life as a child in care to understand why I have been able to challenge the dominant discourses on children in care by having a satisfying and useful life rather than the persistent narratives of children brought up in care having poor life outcomes such as prostitution, drug addiction, homelessness and prison.


I have worked running services for carers since 2005. A carer is someone who cares for family and friends who need extra support day-to-day. This might be because they are ill, disabled or frail. I have also acted as a carer for my mum who has had episodes of mental ill-health and substance misuse issues. I have researched how I work best with carers and as a carer myself.


I have worked in charity leadership since 2009. I was the chief executive of a Carers' Centre from 2009-2018 where, with a team of brilliant staff and volunteers and some amazing carers, we built a flourishing charity. I now work as a digital nomad, working mostly online to enable me to travel more. I support several fantastic charities helping them to gain funds and develop strategically to meet their visions to help more people have better lives. I am also a trustee and director of my own company Strawberry Life and develop and sell Assessments Made Easy a piece of software designed to improve the assessment processes for everyone involved.


By practitioner I am including my life as practice, all facets of my life make me the person I am in a process of becoming. I am working on my own well-be(com)ing and I see my life as enquiry where I am researching my own progress to share with others who may be influenced to improve their own well-be(com)ing.




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