April 12, 2025

I have worked in charity leadership since 2009. I was the chief executive of a Carers' Centre from 2009-2018 where, with a team of brilliant staff and volunteers and some amazing carers, we built a flourishing charity. I now work as a digital nomad, working mostly online to enable me to travel more. I support several fantastic charities helping them to gain funds and develop strategically to meet their visions to help more people have better lives. I am also a trustee and director of my own company Strawberry Life and develop and sell Assessments Made Easy a piece of software designed to improve the assessment processes for everyone involved.

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Overview of My Research

Running a charity can feel like being a super hero at times, you can feel like you are always needed and need a cape to get you there. The reality though is that no charity is about the leader, it stands or fails on those that make it up and as a leader it is our job to learn from, encourage and support those connected to the charity and make the hard decisions when they are needed. I have been researching my charity leadership since 2009. As a leader it helped me to improve my practice and to theorise about what I was doing as I was doing it. I have written a lot of papers on my leadership:

'Care For The Self? - How Can I Live Caring for Myself in Practice?'

How do we generate our living theories of caring in the restructuring of a Carer’s Centre?

How do I generate my living-theory of caring in the restructuring of a Carers'


A Living-Theory of Care-Giving

Using a living theory approach to action research to develop authenticity as an organisational leader

My Gift of Authenticity as a Leader

How have I improved my practice and developed my living theory of mindfulness and learning since presenting at the British Educational Research Association's (BERA) Conference in 2011?

How can I improve my practice as a Chief Executive working with carers and their families creating my living theory of mindfulness and learning?


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