I have worked running services for carers since 2005. A carer is someone who cares for family and friends who need extra support day-to-day. This might be because they are ill, disabled or frail. I have also acted as a carer for my mum who has had episodes of mental ill-health and substance misuse issues. I have researched how I work best with carers and as a carer myself.

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Overview of My Research

I have researched my practice as I have worked with carers for over a decade. During that time I have written a number of papers to understand what difference and benefit the work I have done has made to carers. I have realised that the more mutuality there is in the relationship the greater the benefits for the carers I am working with and the greater learning and satisfaction I experience as a professional. I coined this experience caring as mutuality. 

I have written several papers on carers:

How can I work participatively with carers to improve the education of social work students?

A living theory of care-giving

Our Understanding of Mutuality when Reflecting on our Values and Experience of Caring


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